Hire waiter and bartender staff for events - Terms and Conditions



Client is billed for staff services at an hourly rate or part thereof. Serve Pro require a minimum of seven (7) chargeable hours per booking. Payment is required in full 48 hours prior to function date and proof of payment notification is to be faxed to 086 572 1899 or servepro@telkomsa.net and will act as confirmation booking.


Cancellation of confirmed staff bookings (minimum 10 staff members or less) must be received by Serve Pro in writing 24 hours prior to booking date and commencement time. A one (1) hour cancellation fee will be levied equal to the number of staff booked prior to refund payment being made to client. Less than 24 hours cancellation notice will result in no refund.
Cancellation of confirmed staff bookings (20 staff members and above) must be received by Serve Pro in writing (1) one week prior to booking date. A (2) two hour cancellation fee equal to the number of booked staff will be levied on the full invoiced payment prior to refunding, less than one week notice will result in no refund.
Cancellation due to unforeseen ‘acts of God’ will result in a 50% cancellation fee of total invoiced amount.


Late changes to staff arrival or departure times made by Client out of booking confirmation times (day prior to function) will result in an additional fee of (1) one hour being levied on the total bill equal to the number of staff booked. This fee will cover additional charges incurred for rebooking staff with time changes. Unfortunately time changes on the day of a function cannot be accommodated.


Overtime can only be authorized by Serve Pro Management. The Client requesting overtime is required to phone 072 4235548 for approval one hour prior to function completion time. One (1) hour prior to scheduled completion time, it is the Client’s responsibility to request and sign the overtime sheet. Overtime payments are invoiced to the Client the following day and are due payable on presentation. Overtime is not permitted unless agreed between Client and Serve Pro Management. If for any reason the function times change due to unforeseen circumstances, for example, caterers running late etc., additional hours will be charged to Client to cover additional time worked by Serve Pro staff members. Note: Transportation for large numbers of staff involving the shuttle bus will require an additional R200 per hour after 12pm. No additional charge will be levied on car transportation.


Serve Pro will do its upmost to arrive 1/2 hour prior to the booked commencement time for Client staff briefing purposes. Serve Pro requires a specific brief and running order for individual functions, together with menu and drinks list for staff product knowledge prior to arrival. Bartenders require a bar product list (7) days prior to function date.


While every precaution is made by Serve Pro Owners and Management with regards to Client’s property and valuables while on site, Serve Pro or any of its representatives (staff or management) will not be held responsible for any losses/breakages/or damage incurred while performing their duties. For this reason all necessary screening of staff members has been carried out prior to training and subsequent employment. For this reason no member of Serve Pro is permitted to arrive for duty with a handbag/backpack or additional clothing other than the uniform which is worn on person. Only bartenders are permitted to arrive with a bar utensil bag which is necessary to hold equipment for the correct performing of bartender duties. If the Client deems it necessary at any time body searches or breathalyzer testing can be carried out by Serve Pro management on request. If for any reason the client requires a lie detector testing of staff members this can be carried out by Serve Pro but payment thereof is for the Client’s account.


Client or Client representative will not hold Serve Pro owners, management or staff liable against any and all legal claims or attorney’s fees resulting from (a) operation or use by Serve Pro members of Client owned vehicles, machinery and equipment, (b) negligence, breakages, losses, wrongful acts, false statements for omissions caused by Client, Client affiliates, suppliers or associated businesses. Clients employees or by any other persons or (c) negligence, wrongful acts, false statements or omissions caused by Serve Pro agency staff. While every effort has been made to carefully select candidates, Serve Pro or its staff shall not be liable for any consequential loss, damage or injuries to person or companies or any loss whatsoever resulting from the introduction or employment of a candidate referred by Serve Pro. Furthermore, Serve Pro shall be indemnified against any claim arising out of its staff, even in the event that such staff member was negligent.

Staff Service

Serve Pro reminds clients to order the correct amount of waiters/staff for an event: Guest and staff ratio’s: We recommend 1 (one) waiter for every 10 (ten) guest or 1 waiter per table not exceeding 12 (twelve) guest, 1 (bartender) for every 25 (twenty five) guest, we “Serve Pro” will not be held responsible if service levels are not maintained due to incorrect ratio of staff not being ordered. Serve Pro will automatically bill & supply 1 (one) manager to oversee the service level for every staff booking of 10 (ten) and more or subsequently when there are more than 100 guest.

Staff have the right to refuse service request if the request is outside their scope of work Eg .i.e Waiter working as bartender, or kitchen help ETC. It is the clients responsibility before making a booking to ask Daniel or Lorraine at servepromobile@telkomsa.net about staff scope of work of what we allow and not or to brief staff of clients special request.

Please note staff is trained by The Hospitality and Tourism College Durban North


We (Serve Pro) reserve our rights and wrongs, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Your continued use of our services following reasonable notice of such modifications will be conclusively deemed acceptance of any changes to these Terms and Conditions. You agree that notice of changes to these Terms and Conditions posted on our webpage constitutes reasonable and sufficient notice. At all times you are bound by the then-current version of the Terms and Conditions and of all applicable laws.