Event staff services

Choose from a comprehensive range of event staff services: waiters and waitresses, general bartenders or cocktail bartenders, registration staff, runners, scullery staff, function floor managers and supervisors.

Waiters and Waitresses

Our trained waiters are impeccably dressed, articulate, service orientated and extensively trained with sound product knowledge. Prior to a function booking it is a pre-requisite that all members are trained on the function brief, menu and beverage inventory, whether this is supplied by the caterer or client directly to ensure service excellence and a level of familiarity prior to arrival.


Our young and vibrant bar staff and cocktail bartenders are professionally trained to prepare any drink to meet the guest’s special requirements when necessary. Serve Pro’s bar staff are required to participate in a national accredited bartender course prior to joining our team, assuring that the highest level of skills is met. Our bartenders will bring all of their own equipment such as shakers, speed pourers and additional equipment ensuring the smooth operation of this sector.

Scullery staff

Our scullery staff plays an essential roll behind the scenes. They are the quiet “worker ants” who constantly keep the wheels turning by continually ensuring that their teams have a constant supply of clean glasses, cutlery and crockery, sorting and packing away at the end of the function or event without ever seeming to tire.

Student Chefs

Our student chefs are currently studying professional cookery at a varied number of chef schools.


As an additional service Serve Pro is able to supply runners/assistant waiters who play an important and necessary roll at larger functions and events by constantly ensuring that the service areas are cleared of all dirties, replenish necessary menu items and help assist the general flow of service delivery to the floor personnel.

Function Managers

Our management team is made up of hospitality professionals experienced to handle and oversee every aspect of your function. As professionals we set and expect high standards of professionalism from every member of our team, thereby ensuring that we provide and deliver “Service Excellence” whether the function is a corporate, conferencing or sporting event, a boardroom lunch, client presentation, a cocktail party, a wedding, family gathering or private home entertainment.
Our executive team collectively have over 24 years’ experience between them in food and management which enables them to make sound decisions at a moment’s notice, think on their feet and handle any unforeseen problems that may occur without ever being noticed by guests, clients or extended hospitality service providers.

Hostesses / Registration staff

We have built a reputation on only hiring friendly faces with big smiles. Our hostesses are much more than just another pretty face. They are very well trained and perform an important service when called upon. On arrival of the guests, our hostesses will ensure that they are well and truly welcomed by ensuring they are seated and attended to immediately. As trained professionals they all possess proven computer skills enabling them to quickly adapt to any operating system should it be required.

Event staff services

Training provided by Serve Pro Waiters and Bartenders.

Catering Service.

Baai Culture:-For South Africans – braai, shisa nyama or barbecue…call it what you will – it is all part of our culture and celebration… it’s welcoming.

There’s just something about a braai that brings people together.  It’s as much about the company as the actual food.  An atmosphere is created once the fire takes hold…anticipation builds as it turns to coals… and then… there’s the smell of the first piece of meat as it hits the grid.

The Harvest Table Catering-Pit Master Daniel, takes the art of barbecuing quite seriously… it starts with the quality of meat…the skillful knowledge of marinating and seasoning… alongside the maintaining of the perfect and varied temperatures over wood and undoubtedly… the art of creating blue smoke from the smoker which requires true patience of the pit master… as it is this very smoke which infuses the unmistakable flavor and tenderness into every cut of meat.